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About us

Your Passion Shop

Since its creation, the Your Passion Shop brand has always been inspired its customers; people who love what they do and explore their true passions. Your Passion Shop is known worldwide for it’s unique products made from the highest quality sourced materials. Shop and experience what we are all about. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards our partnership with The Water Project. 

Craftsmanship & Quality

Traditional craftsmen combine centuries-old workmanship, knowledge, and techniques to produce the best and most stunning array of products. It is the love and attention given that makes our products a precious jewel on their own, and it is this belief that drives Your Passion Shop to create without compromise.

Your Passion Shop products stand for quality in every detail. The highest quality sourced materials are always used to craft our beautiful products. For all of our collections, we ensure our expert designers make sure our high standard is reflected in the materials we use and the innovations we apply. 


Our designers approach to creation is holistic. There are no references or other brands that influence the conception of our products, simply the impact of our passions, in all their glory. What makes Your Passion Shop products even more unique is the fact that our craftsmen put together the final products by hand, making every piece unique, while maintaining our high priority on consistency and quality.


There is no gender, nor race, age or religion in our mind when we design. Our designs are for everyone who enjoys a lifestyle that drives them. 


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